To all mothers in the world esp my mom, thanks for being such a great woman and mother for the children.
I will remember your kindness, your love to us untill we've grown up like this.

To all mothers in the world ,


Report card and holiday!

14 december 2012, i got my 1st sem report card. The result isnt as bad as i thought. Though 2 of the subject didnt passed the standard, i dont event surprised anymore. (maybe i already get used to it hahaha)(⌒▽⌒) my dad told me that i should practice and practice for national exam. My ear already hurt from hearing it every time.

Oh tomorrow (16 dec 2012) me and mima my friend will be having an entrance test for nanyang university of fine arts. Mima will take the fine arts test and i took the 3D design test.
God be with us!

And holiday were coming!!!
Finally (yeay) ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
This year and next year will be a hard year so my holiday isnt holiday for many ppl because i have to spent my time for studying and doing projects.
I have to survived for 3-4 months more.

Happy holiday, blogger
Merry christmas and happy new year for those who celebrate !
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

December entry #

Yesterday was a doom day. I expected sth but i dont get it. I stressed out the whole day. Mom and dad still support me. I chat many people and i knew that i'm not alone. My friends supported me and told me that i should tried once more and keep fighting. At first i just want to let it go and went to tarumanegara university but then i realized it not easy to let it go just because i failed the ability exam. There still many chances. And parahyangan university, i longed to that university for 2-3 year and its not easy to forgot and didnt try for another chance so i decided to take the first entrance test. I know what best that GOD give to me. God willing! ♡