Its College

Hi guys, it has been a month............or years? I havent post anything again since mothers day last year. yeah, i got quite busy these days esp when I'm having a national exam and stuff.
But now I am fully free from school and starting my new days on Singapore, majoring in Interior Design on Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. I've been staying here since 2nd of July, so it has been about 3 weeks i spend my time here. I have already adapted with the situation here (and already bored with the food here) but have not adapted with the school yet. Things have been quite different from school life. The teachers, the friends, the staff, seniors and everything.You know what, the teachers here are quite strict to absence so i got to wake up very early to avoiding late(u know the traffic light here for the pedestrians were very long to wait, so sometimes i run fast before the light turn to green, ;p) I got 2...friends already, its Hannah and Xiao Yun, they're very nice to me. There some Indonesians in my class but unfortunately doesn't fit well enought to me.
Somehow I find it very hard to get more friends here (how i miss my old class in Indonesia so much >///< )

So, today i got this lessons called creative thinking and introduction to visual arts, this introduction to visual arts are a new lessons in NAFA, so there is many problems in teaching and stuff.
i dont really like this lessons and the mixed class. You know what. today we're dividing a group, and 2 people were absent. So me and my friends were the last in our mixed class and got no one to grouped with us. THAT IS REALLY HORRIBLE. it really piss me off. i dont know what happen to this class. they're already made a group among themselves and doesnt want to mix up with the other. singapore with the other singaporean and indonesian just played among themselves which they had known each other before entering the class. then what about meee? quite an answer. i dont really have friends. fortunately next year we wont meet together, so i guess i just have to survive till next year. The other thing is, the teacher SUCKS. yeah i hate him. he dont even concern about those who hasnt got the group and ended up shooing us out, without helping at all. what a teacher. u call yourself a teacher? (*_*)/

whoah this is really a long entry.

i hope my english improved already
i just missed everything in Indonesia, how the teachers treated us and stuff
friends i got who are so kind and wont leaved us easily
yeah, that kind of things, which is piss me off right now