Its novemberr

Try out has just started and in 2 weeks ahead final test are coming. I cant wait for december when the holiday begun.

Also i cant wait for 14 dec where the announcement of parahyangan university entry will be held

Yesterday, 15 nov 2012 i went to grand indonesia to buy some present for my friend. I bought a teddy bear and its dress. So cute as you can see on the pict is the store view from upside.
Then me and my mom and my grandparents were having lunch. We went to the food louver and buy some lunch there. I stop at the little yokozuna (if im not mistaken) and buy a chicken katsu jyu (pict*) you may also say it chicken katsu don. It was soool delicious.

This holiday was so great! I can finally refresh from the try out that confusing me.

-xx chie-