On friday my class , 12 science 2 will have double test that is physics and chemistry

I dont know how to get good score on both of them

Just keep fighting. ψ(`∇´)ψ

Atsuko Maeda akb48 graduate

Today, August 27th 2012, on AKBTHEATER. Acchan, atsuko maeda the center nova. Graduate from AKB48. Just watched the live streaming from youtube in the middle of their concert at 5 o'clock in the evening.

Everyone in akb likes her. And everyone in akb48 will miss her.
Same from me. I just barely know akb48 on october 2011 and started to like them on march 2012. I completely love all of the member. But to knowing the reality was too hard for me because one by one of them will going to be graduate and replace by naother member.

When i was watching akbingo later on. I will somehow miss acchan.

Acchan, all of the members and fans will always love you, support you, and miss you. (^◇^)


☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆♡

Perspective sketch

Draw this random perspective sketch while watching oじ59fun

Food documentary part 1

21 august 2012,\(//∇//)\
I went to livingworld, grabbing something to eat. So i and my father and mother went to this restaurant called "Bebek tepi sawah ubud-bali"
We ordered crispy duck, sate lilit bali, ayam kelapa, sup ikan and plecing kangkung.

the crispiness from the duck was super yummy.

Love it, recommended restaurant

Boring inside home

Copying akbingo from friends disc. Top many ヽ(´o`;

Re-watch Hayate no Gotoku

Ep 6 - hayate catch a cold because of nagi's fault. Nagi was envy with izumi because izumi makes hayate happy by giving him milk. So nagi wants to prepare a meal for him. The food that she made was good looking but not the taste.

Must watched :9

AKB48 cosplay ♡

Costume i use in the garden was one of the stage costume, the white one was hello kitty costume use on melody awards and last the pict with 3 girl was iiwake maybe photo taken at central park megaxus event jakarta.

The white and the one piece red n white costume was made by lolita mo shoppa on facebook.

The iiwake maybe costume was made by the tailor my friend use to know.

All of the costume was well-made :)