Lolita no Project nyan~

hai hai! its weekend and the final test was going to end soon!

I'm so happy to know that my lolita project is done!!

thanks to Noph Shoponline a.k.a novany khorys :)) at FB to make me the project being so well done~


this is the picture of the project, and it is already sent by noph early in the afternoon :3

 this is the shoes , looks cute :3
I love the pink color so much, it's so soft
this is the dress. There was some problem in the ribbon. the color was black! TTATT
but I already love the dress so I don't mind having the black ribbon on it . xD
i really doesn't want anybody to make this dress also. I'm the first who find this!!

so I'm the original :) even though it is in pink colour XD