To all mothers in the world esp my mom, thanks for being such a great woman and mother for the children.
I will remember your kindness, your love to us untill we've grown up like this.

To all mothers in the world ,


Report card and holiday!

14 december 2012, i got my 1st sem report card. The result isnt as bad as i thought. Though 2 of the subject didnt passed the standard, i dont event surprised anymore. (maybe i already get used to it hahaha)(⌒▽⌒) my dad told me that i should practice and practice for national exam. My ear already hurt from hearing it every time.

Oh tomorrow (16 dec 2012) me and mima my friend will be having an entrance test for nanyang university of fine arts. Mima will take the fine arts test and i took the 3D design test.
God be with us!

And holiday were coming!!!
Finally (yeay) ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
This year and next year will be a hard year so my holiday isnt holiday for many ppl because i have to spent my time for studying and doing projects.
I have to survived for 3-4 months more.

Happy holiday, blogger
Merry christmas and happy new year for those who celebrate !
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

December entry #

Yesterday was a doom day. I expected sth but i dont get it. I stressed out the whole day. Mom and dad still support me. I chat many people and i knew that i'm not alone. My friends supported me and told me that i should tried once more and keep fighting. At first i just want to let it go and went to tarumanegara university but then i realized it not easy to let it go just because i failed the ability exam. There still many chances. And parahyangan university, i longed to that university for 2-3 year and its not easy to forgot and didnt try for another chance so i decided to take the first entrance test. I know what best that GOD give to me. God willing! ♡

Its novemberr

Try out has just started and in 2 weeks ahead final test are coming. I cant wait for december when the holiday begun.

Also i cant wait for 14 dec where the announcement of parahyangan university entry will be held

Yesterday, 15 nov 2012 i went to grand indonesia to buy some present for my friend. I bought a teddy bear and its dress. So cute as you can see on the pict is the store view from upside.
Then me and my mom and my grandparents were having lunch. We went to the food louver and buy some lunch there. I stop at the little yokozuna (if im not mistaken) and buy a chicken katsu jyu (pict*) you may also say it chicken katsu don. It was soool delicious.

This holiday was so great! I can finally refresh from the try out that confusing me.

-xx chie-

Kembali ke realitas

Akhirnya setelah perjuangan 22-26 besok libur tengah semester dan libur idul adha. Titlenya sih...LIBUR. tapi...........tugasnya juga boleh :)
jadi hitungan kasar ada 8 project, 1 paper, 2 test prep, dan 1 booktalk yang harus diberesin selama liburan ini. Haruskah gw bilang "yeay" atau "ugh" ? :O
Bahkan setelah masuk sekolah, dalam 1 hari yang sama harus siapin: Esai BI, thesis english dan Matrix test
god, science was too hard for me :(

AKB0048 costest as aida orine

Setelah menunggu sekian lama akhirnya aida orine costume jadi juga
Best thanks to olshop fb yukyto amu-chan :3

Jaitanny rapi, bahanny oke lagi :D

Kyoko figma

Ga nyangka dapet ginian dr temen. Udah nyangka sih dy bakal ksh figma. Ketawan dr gerak gerik d bbm oho. Very happy. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


Mengetahui kenyataan pahit


Harus diakui emang kalau badmood tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah. Berusaha utk ga marah itulah yg susah :/

Photo #2

Little duckling as my birthday present. Very cute

Fav photo

This is a photo of me taken at my garden

I love this pict and editing so much ♡

The costume i use was from akb48 stage costume they ever use on AX2011 if i am not mistaken

After party photo

This photo was taken after my friends 17th birthday party

my friends says this photo was pretty

My Randomness

This is a picture of my friends, gabriella valentine. I don't know why i do this kind of things. 
So the story is, at night, i was so bored that i got nothing to do. So I open and my friends picture from her facebook. I just do this kind of things because my friends says that she looks a like with the wig model from ghostcos. So that night i open taobao and choose one picture and compared it with my friends picture. Don't know why it turn out like this, it SEEMS THEY ARE LOOK ALIKE~!
I am so sorry to my friend because i do this kind of things but she seems don't care about it. ^O^)v


On friday my class , 12 science 2 will have double test that is physics and chemistry

I dont know how to get good score on both of them

Just keep fighting. ψ(`∇´)ψ

Atsuko Maeda akb48 graduate

Today, August 27th 2012, on AKBTHEATER. Acchan, atsuko maeda the center nova. Graduate from AKB48. Just watched the live streaming from youtube in the middle of their concert at 5 o'clock in the evening.

Everyone in akb likes her. And everyone in akb48 will miss her.
Same from me. I just barely know akb48 on october 2011 and started to like them on march 2012. I completely love all of the member. But to knowing the reality was too hard for me because one by one of them will going to be graduate and replace by naother member.

When i was watching akbingo later on. I will somehow miss acchan.

Acchan, all of the members and fans will always love you, support you, and miss you. (^◇^)


☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆♡

Perspective sketch

Draw this random perspective sketch while watching oじ59fun

Food documentary part 1

21 august 2012,\(//∇//)\
I went to livingworld, grabbing something to eat. So i and my father and mother went to this restaurant called "Bebek tepi sawah ubud-bali"
We ordered crispy duck, sate lilit bali, ayam kelapa, sup ikan and plecing kangkung.

the crispiness from the duck was super yummy.

Love it, recommended restaurant

Boring inside home

Copying akbingo from friends disc. Top many ヽ(´o`;

Re-watch Hayate no Gotoku

Ep 6 - hayate catch a cold because of nagi's fault. Nagi was envy with izumi because izumi makes hayate happy by giving him milk. So nagi wants to prepare a meal for him. The food that she made was good looking but not the taste.

Must watched :9

AKB48 cosplay ♡

Costume i use in the garden was one of the stage costume, the white one was hello kitty costume use on melody awards and last the pict with 3 girl was iiwake maybe photo taken at central park megaxus event jakarta.

The white and the one piece red n white costume was made by lolita mo shoppa on facebook.

The iiwake maybe costume was made by the tailor my friend use to know.

All of the costume was well-made :)